Clogged Gutter?

Your home’s gutters are designed to keep your home and its surroundings safe from damage caused by rainwater. After rainwater hits the roof, it flows through the gutters and away from your home. When the gutters do not function properly, there is an increased risk for the water to back up and enter your home.

Below, we have listed a few of the best methods to unclog your home´s clogged drains.

Gutter Maintainance

By maintaining your gutters, you will avoid clogged drains. You can easily maintain your gutters yourself or the work can be contracted out. Regardless of who maintains the gutters, maintenance should be done every six months to prevent a clog from forming. Maintainance may be needed more frequently if you have shade trees close to your home.

Locating the Gutter Clog

When a gutter is full of tree leaves they can easily bunch up and make their way into the downspout. You will know that a gutter has a clog when water starts to back up and spills out over the top of your gutter.

Positioning Your Ladder

Now that you have located the clog, you can position your ladder near the clog. It is important to have a ladder that is tall enough so that you can reach the gutter. Ensure to have enough space between the clogged area and ladder so that you can work easily.

Cleaning the Gutter

First, clear any loose leaves away from the gutter and remove as much as you can by hand. You can then use a leaf blower for parts you can´t reach.

Incorporate a High-Pressure Water Hose

Now that all visible debris is removed from the gutter, you can spray your gutters out with a high-pressure water hose to remove the remaining debris. Begin on one end of the gutter and spray all along the gutter towards the drain.

Detach the Home´s Gutters Downspout

Your home´s gutter is connected to a downspout that carries water away from the home. The downspout is connected to the side of the house with a bracket. Remove the bracket, then remove the entire downspout, detaching it from the gutter. Once detached, the spout can be cleaned more easily. Remove any clogs and reattach the downspout when finished.

Inspect Individual Sections

If you discover your gutters need to be replaced or you have any questions about your home’s exterior, contact us today.

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