Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Providing Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions in Denver, the Front Range, and Throughout Colorado.

Are you thinking about adding solar energy to your Colorado home?
If so, there is no better time than now.

Solar energy provides a host of benefits:

  • Tax Credits
  • Energy Savings
  • Hedge against rising energy costs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Guards your family against losses due to power outages

Pioneer Home Solutions is ready to help you with your solar goals, each step of the way. Our team will work with you to design a solar system that best fits your budget and meets your energy needs. Using the industry’s highest quality solar panels, batteries, and solar inverters, we will light your home, save you money, and help the environment for years to come.

Thanks to innovative technology, robust support systems, and lower costs, solar energy systems are more accessible than ever for most homeowners. Offering seamless, straightforward installation, our experts ensure that your solar products and services meet or exceed all industry standards while providing affordable payment options for you.

Home With Solar Array
Generating Solar Energy
Garage with Solar Modules

Already have solar? We provide detach and reset services for all customers, even if we did not install your system.

Federal Tax Credit– Residential solar systems that begin construction in 2022 qualify for a 26% federal tax credit, which decreases to 22% in 2023 and expires in 2024.

Solar System Components

Your solar system will be designed specifically for you and your needs, by carefully choosing components that are right for your home.

Solar Module Attachments

Attachments connect your panels and rails to your roof. They are designed to seal water out and provide strength to hold your rails in place, regardless of what Colorado weather throws at you. There are attachments that are designed to work with both pitched and flat roofs and can accommodate any type of shingle, tile, metal, or rubber roof you may have.

Pioneer uses top-quality products like UNIRAC’s Flashkit Pro, Flash Loc, and Ironridge FlashFoot 2 to attach solar rails to your composite roof. These patented systems, with state-of-the-art technology, ensure a leak-free weatherproof system, keeping water outside, where it belongs!

Solar Module Rails

Rails are the support structure for your panels. They provide the framework for your panels to rest on. They also mount to the attachments, connecting your system to your roof. High-quality rails are essential in standing up to high winds and snow loads.

We offer rails from all of the leading manufacturers. The Ironridge XR Rail series is just one of many products available. Here is how they stand up against the harshest Colorado weather conditions.

Solar Panels (Modules)

Solar panels, also called modules, are the components that collect energy produced by sunlight and convert it to electricity. We use panels from the top solar leaders in the industry. Our designers will work with you to determine how many panels are needed to accommodate your energy requirements and find the best fit for your home.

Solar Inverters

Inverters convert the DC energy produced by your solar panels into usable AC electricity that will power your home. We use the best of the industry inverters and microinverters from brands like Enphase and SolarEdge to accomplish the job as efficiently as possible in both grid-tied and off-grid systems.

Solar Energy Battery Banks

Energy banks store power for when you need it the most, in an outage. Tens of millions of consumers are affected by power outages in the United States every year. That, coupled with the steady climb in energy prices, are reasons why it makes sense to invest in energy storage. We provide storage systems from leaders like Generac and SolarEdge to keep your home powered no matter what.

Solar Power Optimizers

We provide all components necessary for your system to run at peak efficiency.

It’s no secret energy prices are rising. What better time than now to look at the advantages of solar energy for you?

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