Siding Installation & Repair

Refresh and Renew. Update Your Home With New Siding

Pioneer Home Solutions is a full-service Denver area siding contractor. We offer many siding products, styles, and color options to best compliment your home. Adding new siding to your home pays you back, averaging an 87% return on investment. In addition, new siding gives you a fresh, updated appearance, essential to your home’s curb appeal and overall aesthetics. It also can offer enhanced protection from the elements.

We install only the highest quality siding materials, including options for vinyl, steel, composite, and cement board siding. We have carefully selected manufacturers, choosing those with materials that will withstand the challenges of Colorado’s climate.

Fiber Cement Siding

We install fiber cement siding products from leaders like James Hardie among others. Cement board siding comes in a variety of styles and colors, is resistant to hail and wind damage, and does not ignite from fire. Because of this, many insurance companies offer a discount on homes sided with fiber cement siding.

*Hardie® siding complies with ASTM E136 as a noncombustible cladding and is recognized by fire departments across the U.S. including Marietta, GA, Flagstaff, AZ, and Orange County, CA.​ Fiber cement fire resistance does not extend to applied paints or coatings, which may be damaged or char when exposed to flames.

Here are examples from the Jame Hardie line to help you imagine your home’s new look.

JamesHardie Vertical Siding
JamesHardie Lap Siding
JamesHardie Shingle Siding
JamesHardie Shake Siding
JamesHardie Vertical Siding
JamesHardie Shake Siding


Our vinyl siding choices from makers like Ply Gem and Alside will not crack or chip in our hot, dry Colorado summers, and will deliver durable protection against the wind, snow, hail, and ice of winter. Vinyl siding is also the most budget-friendly choice. It comes in an array of styles and colors to match your home’s personality.

PlyGem Vinyl siding
PlyGem Lap Siding
Alside Reinforced Premium Siding

We Use Quality Siding Products Made to Withstand Colorado’s Diverse Climate. Contact us for more information on siding products we provide and let’s get your project started.

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