Add to Your Home Value With These Colors

Many homeowners are unaware that their choice of paint color can significantly impact their home’s value. However, it is essential to consider this factor when making any significant changes to your interiors. The wrong color choice could lead to an immediate devaluation, while the right one could make your property more valuable by at least five percent. A little research goes a long way, and this post will cover some of the most popular paint colors in terms of reflecting modern aesthetic values and adding resale value to your home.

For Interior: 

The most popular paint colors for interior spaces are those that reflect modern aesthetic values and that reflect the current trends in home decorating. The first color choice one might make when deciding upon this aspect of your home improvement project should be a neutral shade. This may seem like an unusual choice, but it is also easy to combine with other colors and match with most pieces of furniture and accessories. Neutral shades such as off-white and cream are popular choices, but so are pale grey, blue and green. When it comes to accessories, there is no limit to what you can add to walls so long as you choose something that matches your room’s color palette.

Keeping in tune with the more subdued tones of color, another popular choice among interior paint colors is tonal shades of blue and green. These colors are often paired with other neutral shades. They have a light and relaxing effect on their interiors and look great when combined with neutral fabrics, woodwork and other materials. When combined with natural light from windows, light blue or pale green interiors can come across as even more spacious than they are. Darker shades of these colors may not be as welcoming as interior spaces, but they stand out well against any walls or ceilings painted in lighter neutral tones.

When choosing the right color for the interior of your home, you need first to consider which aspects of your home are most important to you and which ones you want to emphasize or bring attention to if it is not just a matter of aesthetic value and personal preferences but also one that involves careful consideration of your preferred choice of colors. Think about it when making your color choice, and if you are not quite sure what colors you like best, then why not ask for some help from a professional? A little help with choosing colors can go a long way in making your interiors more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing.

For Exterior:

When it comes to exterior paint colors, you can opt for a neutral shade for your home’s exterior. This will make the exterior look more modern and increase its resale value by as much as seven percent. This type of neutral color is perfect for buildings with a single-coloured roof or shingles since this can create an easy way to break up the roof color from other sections of the house. Also, when adding accents on an exterior wall, you can choose red or yellow to complement those accents and to help complete your house’s overall architectural design.

Another popular choice among contemporary homeowners is white. It goes hand-in-hand with contemporary designs, especially minimalist ones. All the colors listed above can be combined with white paint to create a landscape of color, a modern and sophisticated look. Also, those elements that stand out against the sky or other aspects of the natural environment will look bolder when they are painted in white color. This is an ideal choice for those who want their houses to stand out more than they do now. However, remember that a white house may not always be the best option as this might be seen as too stark in some cultures and by some visitors.

Layering colors is a great way to create a more balanced look on your home’s exterior. Think about choosing colors close in hue but complemented by colors on the opposite spectrum. This will give your home’s exterior a modern and sophisticated aesthetic and a more balanced look. You can make this work if you combine other colors with the abovementioned hues. Red and yellow or red and blue can add warmness to your house. You can also go with shades of peach or salmon for this effect.            

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